City Guide

Montreal, the city whose streets charm everyone by the harmonious concordance of European charm and North American attitude. Montreal is a true mosaic of cultures and traditions which can be witnessed in every domain of the city, from exquisite architecture to fine dining. 

Montreal is named a UNESCO City of Design, giving one more reason for travelers to flock to the city like moths to a flame. It is not only the architecture and design of the city which will keep you astonished but also the city is a natural hub for exciting international festivals that take place one after the other at a feverish pace. 

The exciting culture metropolis that glimmers under the winter sun and shines brightly on a hot summer night.

Hence knowing is not enough, you must add Montreal on your travel list.

2.1 Prep Up as per the season of travel

If the winter is the month of travel

1. Pack coats with high-tech insulation that are warm and light (or low-tech down or fur). If you don't have a coat warm enough for the ski slopes, dress in layers, including a thick polar fleece and something that will cut the wind.

2. Toques or hats that cover your ears.

3. Gloves with high-tech insulation will provide relief to your hands.

4. Hiking boots can be made warmer with wool socks and warm insoles.

5. A warm scarf will keep the cold air away from your neck, and if it's really windy and cold, wrap it around your face. Note that your glasses will probably steam up though :)

6. Disposable or reusable hand and feet warmers can be found at pharmacies, some dollar stores, and camping shops

7. A fairly thick moisturizer on the face and lip balm on the lips can help reduce a cold wind's bite.

If you choose summer travel

1. Shorts or comfortable cotton trousers are fine for roaming around town, and nicer jeans or light khakis or a simple skirt for women and a nice shirt are acceptable wear

2. Hat and sunglasses can protect you from the sun.

3. The nights can be warm or cool, so you may need a very light jacket in the evening. 

2.2 Flight

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport is the airport in the city situated 20 km west of the city center. Trains can be taken from Gare Centrale (Montreal Central Station), while you can catch the buses at Station Centrale d'autobus.

You can get detailed airport and flight details from your start location by visiting the link below.

How to reach Montreal

2.3 Visa

Though this information has been thoroughly researched and organized, this section is intended for reference only. Standards and requirements can change quickly and strongly depend on individual circumstances. We recommend that you contact the embassy directly for the most up-to-date information that pertains to your specific situation.

Visitors come to Canada as a tourist, to visit family and friends, or on business will need Visitor Visa.

How to Apply

If you are planning on applying for a Visitor Visa, you first must obtain a Visitor Visa application package. The fee per person is $150 for a multiple entry visas, $75 for a single entry visa or $400 for a family (multiple or single entries). In most countries, application fees must be paid in Canadian dollars. If you plan to visit Canada more than once, multiple entry visas are recommended. 

Required Documents:

1. Valid travel document (such as a passport)

2. Two recent passport photos (specifics of photo requirements)

3. Application fee - non-refundable, even if your application is not accepted.

4. Proof that you have enough money for your visit to Canada. The amount of money varies depending on the circumstances of your visit, how long you will stay and whether you will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives. You can get more information from the Canadian visa office in your country or region.

5. Additional documents - You may need identification cards, proof of employment, a letter of invitation from relatives or friends in Canada, or a proposed itinerary. Check the website of the visa office responsible for the country or region where you live for more information.

Processing Time

Currently, paper applications take about 100 days and online applications take about 85 days. Processing times are subject to change and are updated weekly on the CIC site.

2.4 Health and Wellness

1. Protect your family against insect- and tick-borne diseases: Insects can transmit a variety of serious infections through bites. Avoid getting bitten and reduce your exposure to insects by staying in well-screened rooms and areas and using insect repellent on exposed skin.

2. Prevent injuries in recreational waters: Beaches, freshwater lakes, swimming pools, and spas can pose health and safety risks. Be sure to watch for signs of dangerous waters and obey beach rules and keep your children at arm’s length when participating in all water activities. Use appropriately sized life jackets and if scuba diving, never go alone or without training.

We have sorted all the important details for you in case of emergency call 911 or visit the medical centers listed below:

Address- 160 avenue Stillview in Pointe-Claire. (514-630-2225)

3.1 Currency and Budget

Canadian currency is the Canadian dollar, which is divided into 100 cents. There are 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills. Smaller coins are 5, 10 and 25 cent pieces as well as of 1 and 2 dollars. 

Visa and Master credit cards are also welcome almost everywhere.

3.2 Where to Stay in Montreal

You’ll find the perfect place to call home in Montréal, whatever your taste, lifestyle or budget. The island has more than 24,000 hotel rooms, with 15,000 located downtown, and many connected directly to metro stations, shopping , and the underground pedestrian network. From Major American and international chains to quaint boutique hotels, you are sure to find the perfect home-away-from-home.

Surf the links below and find the best deals of hotels near to the place you want to stay:



Looking for an experience far more enchanting and reasonable, please check the options available at Airbnb:

Discover our suggestions to be part of the joie de vivre culture of Montreal. Wherever you go, be sure to experience seasonal treats such as maple syrup in the spring, strawberries in the summer and Macintosh apples in the autumn.

5.1 French Food

It should be no surprise that in a city with plenty of connections to France, good pastries and viennoiseries aren't hard to find — and French spots from high-end (Maison Christian Faure) to cheap (Au Kouign Amann) are everywhere. But equally impressive is the variety of non-French options on the table. Need something Jewish like rugelach or babka? Hit up Hof Kelsten or Cheskies. Italian cannoli? There are numerous spots around Little Italy and beyond, including Alati Caserta.

Great grub awaits you!!!

• Pâtisserie Mahrousé: Whether you are looking to delight a loved one with one of our beautifully packaged gift options or simply to revisit a flavour from your youth, this place guarantees that their products will exceed your expectations and satisfy your sweet tooth.

• San Gennaro: From sweet to savory pastries, special bread and drinks, think San Gennaro for your breakfast and lunch.

5.2 Indian Food

After giving your taste buds a break with a sugary Croissants or a flaky pastry, one should challenge mouths with spiciness. If that’s what you’re looking for, give Indian cuisine a try. They pack their dishes full of chilies and other spices that make your tongue feel like it’s on fire. But if you go to one of these restaurants, you’ll be rewarded for braving the heat with enough flavor-packed mouthfuls to make you glad you took the risk.

Thanjai: This Indian restaurant in Cote des Neiges specializes in dosa and South Indian food. It’s inexpensive and has a massive menu filled with Indian goodies. They’re even home to the only six feet paper dosa in Montreal.

Restaurant Le Taj: If you come by on weekdays between 11:30 and 2:30, their lunch buffet will get you all of the deliciously spicy and savory food you have room for. Pay a visit whenever they’re open to watching their chef prepare yummy dishes like chicken xacouti and garlic shrimp in their clay tandoor.

5.3 Mexican Food

Nothing brings people together like Mexican food. Handpicked Top 3 Mexican Restaurants in Montreal

• EL REY DEL TACO El Rey del Taco is the best restaurant in Montreal if you are in a mode of authentically cooked Mexican fare.

• LA CAPITAL TACOS: La Capital Tacos is an authentic Taqueria located in the heart of Montreal China Town. Either for an afternoon snack or for a late dinner, you will be able to enjoy the delicious tacos they serve.

• Escondite: Escondite Cerveceria de Barrio is a Mexican restaurant situated in downtown, Montreal, steps away from Le Quartier des Spectacles, that serves Mexican goodies and house-crafted tequila cocktails.

5.4 Italian

• Primo-secondo: Be sure to order some of the restaurant's stuffed pasta dishes, made in-house. Previous plates have included Agnolotti stuffed with nduja & mascarpone; ravioli filled with burrata and egg yolk; and pea and goat's milk ricotta tortellini.

• Restaurant-inferno: The menu at Inferno is a blend of Italian classics and more original dishes, offering Antipasto Inferno and the signature Trippa Della Nonna

• Nora-gray: The menu includes Southern Italian inspired dishes like Atlantic Halibut with corn & pepper, Zucchini risotto with grilled mushrooms & pine nuts, and Squid ink scarpinocc with lobster sausage and bisque, while the drink menu covers wines, beer, cocktails, and liquors.

5.5 Chinese, Japanese and Korean

The city offers umpteen numbers of options to have all its happening places within your reach by providing umpteen traveling options. We bring you the details of all travel options to commute in Montreal.

Airport and Airlines

Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (YUL) is about 20 km from Montreal Down Town. The Airport features five parking lots, the TD First class lounge, a hotel lined to the terminal as well as over 90 shops and restaurants.

Self-service check-in is available for all flights.

Airport Bus- 747- 24/7 Service. Fare - 10 $ and it is a day pass you can use it on the metro and other Stm buses in Montreal for 24 hours.

Note- In bus they only accept coins, so buy your ticket from the airport before.

Vehicle Rentals

Several Car rentals companies are available, distinguished by professional service and quality customer relationship.

Some instructions- Buy insurance, book in advance(usually cheap), no cancellation charges, make sure you have a valid driving license to drive in Canada.


The Main Station in Montreal is Montreal Central Station (Gare Centrale).Address- 895 rue de la GauchetièreOuest and is connected to Bonaventure metro (subway) station.

Rail Operating Companies in Montreal


Main Bus Station is Station Centrale d'autobus

Address- 505 boulevard de Maisonneuve Est, (directly above the Berri-UQAM metro station).

How to book a bus- Mostly people book in advance. Online booking is the best way to do it

Famous Travel Operators

Adirondack Trailways,
Greyhound Canada
Greyhound Lines
Orléans Express.


BIXI, this service enables citizens and tourists to borrow a bike from one station and re-dock the bike at another station close to their destination (540 stations, providing 6200 bikes).

Metro Buses

The last but the most favorable option is boarding of STM buses and trains- You can take the day pass, weekend pass, and monthly pass or per trip. Visit for more details at the link

By Foot

Join walking tours in Montreal

Montreal contains the vast network of pedestrian walkways – 32 kilometers of connecting passageways, beneath street level. Referred to as RESO, the system connects the city’s convention center, 10 major hotels and a handful of shopping malls.

Once the mind is all set to explore the beautiful city, some questions pop up. What to see? Where to go? What to do? And most importantly – How to prioritize it? To make the sightseeing game easy for you on your Montreal Visit, we have compiled the list of crowd-pleasing attractions.

7.1 Top Places to visit

Basilique Notre-Dame

The most significant of all Montreal attractions is this mammoth Gothic Revival undertaking designed by Irish architect James O’Donnell and built between 1824 and 1829. This thriving Catholic Church has a stunning medieval-style interior that features walnut-wood carvings, exquisite stained-glass windows, 24-carat gold stars in a vaulted blue ceiling, as well as one of the largest Casavant organs in North America. Don’t miss the fine art paintings in the nave and the impressive Chapelle du Sacre-Coeur hidden behind the altar.

La Citadelle

Dramatically set atop Cap Diamant in Quebec City, this installation of 10 buildings is the largest military fortification in North America. Overlooking the St. Lawrence River, the site was begun by the French in 1750, but much of the striking star-shaped battlement seen today was constructed by the British between 1820 and 1850, built to defend the city from possible invasion from the United States, in the 19th century. The fort is an active home to the Royal 22nd Regiment of the Canadian Forces and daily military spectacles are staged to entertain visitors during the summer months.

Parc du Mont-Royal

The geographic highlight of all Montreal attractions is undeniably Mont-Royal’s steep slopes. Named by Jacques Cartier in 1535, the protected district of Parc du Mont-Royal covers more than 343 acres of forested mountain, providing abundant green spaces, shrubs, and flowers, as well as habitats for hundreds of species of birds and other wildlife. Designed in 1876 by Frederick Law Olmsted, Mont-Royal continues to inspire locals as an arboreal delight in the center of their metropolis. Activity options, depending on the time of year, include skating, cycling, paddle-boating, tobogganing and snowshoeing. To the northwest of the park is the impressive Oratoire St-Joseph.

7.2 Places which are the bustling study in Contrasts

Sun Life Building

Address: 1155 Metcalfe Street

Inaugurated in 1918, this impressive building highlighted by colonnades, long held the distinction of being the largest building in the British Empire.

Dorchester Square – Place du Canada

Address: Corner of Peel Street and Rene – Levesque Blvd. West

Oases of greenery in the very heart of Montreal, Dorchester Square, and Place du Canada are lined up by churches and superb older buildings, as well as more recent ones. This square was formerly the site of the Montreal Catholic Cemetery.

The Golden Square Mile

Address: Bordered by Rene - Levesque Blvd, Mount – Royal Park and Robert – Bourassa Blvd.

Once home to Canada’s Anglophone, predominantly Scottish, upper class, this beautiful neighborhood – named for the square mile it covered – is lined with gorgeous Victorian homes, leafy parks and trees and a plethora of architectural masterpieces which span the Neo-classical.

7.3 The Most beautiful views of Montreal

Place Ville Marie

Place Ville Marie boasts an exceptional location in the heart of downtown Montreal. Designed by I.M. Pei and Henry N. Cobb, 1 Place Ville Marie is a true architectural masterpiece, with its signature cross-shaped tower, the tallest of its kind in Canada. Place Ville Marie has graced the Montreal skyline for over 50 years and become one of the city’s most recognized landmarks.

Au Sommet Place Ville Marie

Take in the best view in all of Montréal! Live a truly unique experience on a lookout perched 185 meters high, offering a breath-taking 360-degree view, and cap it off with a gourmet meal at restaurant Les Enfants Terribles.

Lookout Mont-Royal

Chalet Mont-Royal

7.4 Escorted tours

The best way to discover Montreal is with someone who knows it inside and out. These professional tour guides can give you the inside scoop on the city, from history to shopping and from cuisine to architecture and more. By bus, bike, boat, foot or by car - you choose how you want to explore.

Local travel agents

Authentik Canada

Authentik Canada treats clients to typical outdoor Canadian activities where the discovery of local cultures is part of the experience. Summer activities include canoeing and whale watching while winter features snowmobiling, dog sledding, and other adventures. Clients can take advantage of 1-day to 3-week excursions.

Vacances Sinorama

Since it opened in 2005, Vacances Sinorama’s mission has been to offer professional expertise for a variety of domestic and international travel services. Specializing in trips to Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, the agency also provides information on visas, weather, inoculations, and currency exchange.


Expedia is an Internet-based travel company present in 70 countries. With Canada and the United States as its main markets, Expedia is an online vehicle for booking scheduled and charter flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, vacation packages, activities, cruises, and travel insurance.

City Bus Montreal

Hop-on Hop-off Double Decker Buses

8.1 Shopping Hubs

Want a piece of Montréal to go? Go shopping! Montréal is a city rich with style, and the quickest way to get a taste of it is by perusing our many, many boutiques. You may find your heart's sartorial desire down a narrow Old Montréal street studded with designer shops or that perfect pair of shoes on the main shopping thoroughfare among all the popular names in retail. Take a day to explore our eclectic antique shops, elegant art galleries, pop-up shops, open-air markets, tiny craft shops or large department stores – there are great buys for every taste, budget, and need. Just keep in mind: in Montréal, we set rather than follow trends.

The unique nature of this city translates into a wide range of stand-alone shops, especially off the beaten track in neighbourhoods like Mile End, the Plateau, Westmount, and Outremont. To meet more mainstream needs, downtown’s your destination of choice – but there are plenty of cool finds there too.

• Find Quebec designers galore on the cobblestone streets of Old Montréal

• Snag unique jewellery at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts boutique

• Warm yourself with a retrofitted fur from Harricana par Mariouche

• Bring back honestly cool souvenirs from YUL Designs

• Antique-like a champ along rue Notre-Dame Ouest

• Find everything you could need at the Montréal Eaton Centre downtown

Check their official websites for their plans. Usually a good plan is around 50$/month with 3-4Gb of data. Usually all the providers have stores throughout Montreal, especially in downtown and most of malls.

1. Rogers

2. Fido

3. Videocon





There are some cheap options available but their connectivity is always an issue specially outside Montreal.

If you are travelling from USA-

You might also want to check to see if your own Cell-Phone Provider has a "Canada Plan" where you could purchase usage for calls while out of the USA. It would be economical and easy to use your US sim card.


Tip is a custom

It is customary to tip restaurant waiters, taxi drivers, and hairdressers 15% of the bill, before taxes. Bellhops, porters, doormen, etc generally receive at least $2 per suitcase or per service rendered. Coffee and food counters often have a tip cup next to the cash register, spare change is always appreciated.

Restaurants Tip usually go with 15%, 20% and 25%.

Free Internet

Mostly cafes Tim Horton's, Second Cup and Starbucks offer free Wi-Fi for their customers. Always check for free wifi in restaurants as many of them want you to avail this facility. Airport also has the internet facility. Many restaurants also provide but you need to check. The airport has internet facility free for 2 hours.

Bus stops and railway stations have free wifi also.

Now most of the train and buses have also free wifi.

Note- Speed of public wifi in Montreal is not that good.

These are some of the best hospitals in Montreal

The Montreal General Hospital

Address- 1650 avenue Cedar. 

Ph: 514-934-1934

Lakeshore General Hospital

Address- 160 avenue Stillview in Pointe-Claire. 

Ph: 514-630-2225

St. Mary's Hospital

Address- 3830 Lacombe Avenue, Montréal, QC H3T 1M5

Ph: (514) 345-3511

Shriners Hospital for Children of Canada

Address- 1003 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, QC H4A 0A9

Ph: (514) 842-4464

Mount-Sinai Hospital

5690 Cavendish Blvd, Côte Saint-Luc, QC H4W 1S7

Ph: (514) 369-2222

Douglas Hospital

6875 LaSalle Boulevard, Verdun, QC H4H 1R3 

Ph: (514) 761-6131

The Jewish General Hospital

Address-3755 rue Côte Ste-Catherine

Ph: (514)-340-8222

Things Not to Miss in Montreal

 Vieux-Montréal and the Vieux-Port Mount 
Des Arts
The vibrant Plateau and Mile End neighborhoods
St. Joseph’s Oratory and Notre-Dame Basilica
The Musée des Beaux-Arts
The Botanic Gardens and the Biodôme
Parc Jean Drapeau
Atwater and Jean Talon Markets