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A detailed comprehensive guide on tips for Solo Female Travelers  

The sun is glistening over the grainy sands of the Sahara desert. Till the eternity’s end, you spot no one. You stand there in a very comfortable summer dress on. The warm winds blow through your hair strands. And you stand still with sand romancing your skin and sunkisses flowing by.

Oh! What a beautiful sight you wonder! You picture the ‘female traveler’ to be lucky!

But now let us take a step into the real world. Let us do some real talk.

What the world sees is a bold girl ‘lucky’ enough to travel the world all by herself, with her survival necessities packed in a rucksack and enjoying the liberty of her solitude.

But you fail to see everything she’s gone through behind that beautiful scene.

  • First, let me clear the air out of your mind. She isn’t lucky.

  • Second, she is just well-prepared and courageous.

Solo travel being a female seems daunting. In fact, solo female travelers transform from the emotions of fear to excitement in a variety of layers. But at the end of the day, what makes it worthwhile is the realization of conquering your fears and challenging yourself in each and every step so that your fears do not dictate your actions.

So, if you are ready to grab that punch then here’s a comprehensive guide to traveling solo; being a woman

1. Bring in acceptance

No wonder the media tells us how unsafe and cruel the world is but it is for you to believe that traveling is all about finding your own answers about a place, culture or a community. Of course, by this, I do not mean to travel to the most unsafe places on Earth but all I am trying to put in here is that; you need to at least have some belief in the fact that the world is not that bad a place to live in.

Come on, there are people like you and many others who make this world hospitable and livable. Don’t you believe that?


  • Train your mind to see the positive over the negative.

  • Start looking for places that are known to be the safest and choose to go there first.

2. Be open-minded

Everyone around us has presumed judgments and they try their best to impose it on others. But let me tell you that traveling is all about seeking your own answers and not relying on others to disclose it to you. If that had been the thing, then I would love to ask you, ‘Why travel in the first place?’ ~ drop it!


  • Take the information from your fellow travelers and the internet, but always remember, nobody can have the same experience as you do. No matter, how many times they’ve already been to a place, what you might have is solely yours. It is totally your experience be it positive or negative.

3. Let bravery be your brain-baby

Bravery is not always about being muscular. It is mostly about the body language in sync with your mind. It is obvious to be fearful in the first instant in a foreign land. But you must also remember that being fearful in the streets of a new place will not do you any good. So it is smarter to slay your confidence and be brave bodily and mentally.


  • Fake it till you make it! Trust me, it works

4. Fasten the foreign language frenzy that is dormant

Gear up to be at least familiar with the basic day-to-day greetings so that you don’t look all lost when you are actually on the verge of being lost!


  • Download handy and easy language learning apps and try them on the go!

5. Time to be Street Smart!

  • ‘Why do you want to fit in when you are meant to stand out?’ Sadly though, this doesn’t quite fit well when you are traveling solo. Rather, it’s better if you fit in with the locals in terms of the clothes you choose to wear. This will prevent you from presumed judgments.


  • In this context, consider the culture, their orthodoxy and respect their ambiguity. This will always get you more hospitable local and make your trip worthwhile!

6. Trust your instinct

Don’t randomly get into a place where your gut hesitates to take you. Instead, sense the surrounding and then take the leap if you consider it to be appropriate

7. Be mindful

Instagram might push you to take beautiful pictures but it would only be lame to miss out on mindfulness. In the futility of clicking multiple Insta-worthy pictures, it is essential to be mindful and be aware of who is loitering around you or where the next lane is leading to.

8. Pack judiciously

It is okay to miss out on that make-up box but don’t forget to pack your common sense

I bet, no resource over the internet will provide you a listicle of how to survive in each and every corner of this planet. The only thing that will mentor you and take you further bit-by-bit is your common sense.

So, before you pack anything else, don’t forget to engrave it deep within yourself!

9. Spot the sunshine

Being all the more cautious on the road might sound like feasting on an elephant. But you need to be mindful and do it in pieces, one by one with unshakable trust in each step.

But do you know what would be the best of all?

When you would realize that all those mental preparedness and those extra cautious steps actually led you to your dream destination. You would be surprised to accept that you are actually standing on the warm sands of the Sahara desert, facing the glistening sun kissing your forehead; the wind playing with your hair and the sand romancing your skin!

By the end of the trip, you will not only have a sense of fulfillment within but will also be more confident and more tender to yourself for making it through.

Indeed, the world might see a girl being as timid as a mouse, but only you would know the lioness that is growing within. They might spot the fear but only you would learn the courage that is floating in!

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