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Redefine your own version of travel, Budget travel tips for Student Travelers  

I see where the itchy feet among students is grossing from ~ Instagram! Oh! So you think a fancy cocktail by the bay, or a swing by the cliff of a rolling mountain is all that travel wraps up with?

Or if you think that double-tap on a fancy Instagram post with a caption that says, I was born to travel the world’ makes you gloomy about others being rich and having loads of vacations to visit exotic places?

Then this post is an ‘ice-breaker’ for you. You are definitely going the wrong way.

In here, let me share my tips of being a student and being able to travel the world with a pocket-friendly budget

1. Redefine your version of Travel

First things first, just because popular Instagrammers are calling a place exotic and making it mainstream, you don’t necessarily have to go there. Instead, you can figure out your own way to travel. You don’t specifically have to visit a place because Instagram directs you that way. Rather, choose your own favorite hideout and call it your way of travel.

2. Take the road less taken

Tourist places have all become mainstream. You will barely find the local touch to it. It has all become cosmopolitan. Rather, you can surely go off the beaten path and find yourself immersed in a plethora of natural beauty or undiscovered historical structure. Who knows!

3. Go pocket-friendly

Choose places that fit your pockets’ budget and not what your friends on Instagram would double tap on. And let’s say even if you aspire for more likes on your social media networks, there is no compulsory rule that says ‘Cheap places are not picturesque’

4. Choose off-seasons

Now you would probably find it conflicting because you are a student and with that said, you will definitely travel during vacations. But all I mean to say here is, you don’t have to visit those places during their peak seasons. Ditch them! And pounce onto places that are less crowded and are not in their peak tourist months.

5. Sleep cheap

Dump hotels for hostels and Airbnbs. This will not only ensure your jiggles are heavy enough but will also transform you as an individual. How?

Indulging yourself in conversations with the people of that place or living with travelers coming from different places will open you to new horizons and will show you the larger picture of travel which Instagram has for sure failed to show you!

Here's an advice!

Young travelers, it is easy to be spendthrift on materialistic things that wouldn’t even bother you after you have used them twice or thrice because that’s how much of an importance they hold in our lives.

But I can promise you if you spend the same on local experiences be it food or random drives towards the countryside, then possibly you will keep those moments safely stored in the comforts of your hearty memories.

Before you spend on something that doesn’t add value to your life (not closet), think twice. The dress will only give you pleasure as far as the fun party lasts, but the trip you saved for, will give you a handful of life lessons and memories to catch up on.

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