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5 reasons why you should travel for food! ~ Include food travel in your itinerary  

Have you ever tried catching up on every tiny minute you waste?

Have you ever reflected on your surroundings and allowed yourself to immerse in it? With that being said, have you ever mirrored the little things that make up your day? And, let’s be very honest here, to a certain extent; quite a good part of our day sums up with good food!

Somewhere hidden under the sheets of being a healthy eater, we’ve all been through schedules of cheat days. But whether you accept it or not, we are all foodies to a level which is basically not so self-explanatory.

Ever since mankind has evolved; food has been an essential ingredient of our evolution. Eventually, humans transformed from nomads to a more refined version of nomadism and defined their food habits to a rather elevated scale.

Probably, till now you must’ve caught me speaking about food in this blog. But did you also notice that I am going to indulge you in the list of top 5 reasons why you should include food travel in your itinerary?

1. Scraps you beyond your imagination and connects you to boundaries unknown

It is one thing to share a meal with your dearest people and yet another to share it with strangers from the road in the ambiance of foreign people speaking different languages and yet touching their heartstrings with a nomad traversing boundaries.

Oh! Small world it is!

Indeed, and the food is one ingredient that shrinks the world and expands our heart.

You come down to accepting endless possibilities and definitions of ‘good food’ over a dish of Biryani in India or over a platter of insects being served in France.

That’s the seem less connection a food dish empowers.

2. Opens you up to a window that welcomes new horizonsof lifestyles

The ‘Eat Pray Love’ culture has surely endured within us the popular Italian belief - ‘Dolce far Niente’ (the sweetness of doing nothing). Creme conversations in a streetside restaurant, surely spark within us the belief, Italians live by.

I am sure, on your road to a quest of finding life-lessons you would definitely come across a variety of lifestyles over a global palette.

3. Welcome to the land of diversity

No matter whichever corner of this planet you are, you will always be surprised to learn about different food habits, different varieties of tea and much more.

I was amazed at one point to learn about the Srilankan society minus the patriarchy over a cup of Srilankan chai.

This world is surely a treasure of unveiled stories and of course, unleashed food cultures.

4. Same food, different ethics

Much is common among the food habits of different lands. Globalisation allows us to have choices of global food at any popular city across the world.

You might savor dumplings in the USA but would be astonished at the way they do it back in China.

And that’s where the beauty of food travel emerges. It allows you to learn ethical food habits with not just the taste but also the warmness of new faces and smiles in a land far away from you belong.

5. Let ‘The Table’, be the next social network platform

Globally or locally, face-to-face conversations over some lip-smacking dishes can unlock mindful memories and encourage deep talks.

All in all, food travel is not just chewing on the yummy nom-nom, instead, it is all of what happens in between. The smiles, the giggles, the in-between chats and the cheers over a glass of local wine.

Let it be in your next itinerary so that you are spaced in a home of hearty memories and a mind full of inquisition.

Image Courtesy - Pinterest under 'Food'